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Our Family Links To The Showmen's Guild.



Family History Vol 2 traces the families from County Wexford from the year 1364 and in particular the Brown(e) family of Ireland. The Rossiter Family of South West England, Wales and Australia.

Our Family Links to the Showmen's Guild focuses on the ancestry of fifteen families traced back to circa 1700s. The recorded details illustrate a picture of their lives, their culture, where they lived, how they lived and in some cases their fight for equality. Each chapter provides a brief outline of the family tree and the details contain historical and factual information on the families and there are a number of supporting photographs.

All of these families have their own unique stories to tell however, one family had a member who was a Founder of Van Dwellers Protection Society, now known as The Showmen’s Guild. Another family member had the misfortune to be transported to Australia but not before he spent a month on the run, having escaped from the hulks at Portsmouth, his escapades while on the run and during his time in Australia are very well documented.

Irish Family History Vol 3 provides an in-depth account of the lives and lines of a family that originated in the northern part of County Wexford.  Each chapter contains details of the family members as well as providing an account of where and how they lived, their fight for an independent Ireland, their eviction and subsequent migration, as well as what happened to some of those family members up to the turn of the 20th Century



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